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Welcome to my website; I've streamlined it to include mostly photos of my US travels, with some information on my background and interests. I can't believe that I waited over 4 years to update this site, and more changes are forthcoming.

I am a broadly trained human geographer with wide-ranging interests. I believe that geographic understanding can and does greatly enhance our knowledge of environmental and social problems. I do not believe that most problems are "complicated," but rather, "complex." My ongoing research involves understanding how land use is a reflection of societal sustainability. Visit my Personal page to learn more about my research activities.

My Gallery has some travel photos; I take 'typical' landscapes and offer a geographical interpretation of the scene. Just as dead bodies don't lie to a forensic pathologist, photos reveal the truth of a landscape's condition. In fact, I find trying to interpret landscape photos a hobby within itself!

My hobbies include reading, photography, hiking, biking, and camping. Not only do these activities provide relaxation, but they also help me discover new ideas on my research interests. For example, on a recent trip through Arkansas, I learned how rural rail abandonment is not always deterimental to a small town. Needless to say, I prefer to travel to rural locations.

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Last Update: 7 April 2012